Our story

 In late February of this year (2008) we received an e-mail we from the adoption agency we  used to create our family telling us about the sister of our daughters adopred from Sakhalin. We were faces wit a very difficult choice: Find a way to adopt our daughter's sister or leave her in the Russian Orphanage system.

We chose to adopt.

Ten years ago we adopted our two sons, Alexander and Andrei (both now 10-years old), from the Vladivostok, Russia.  Two years ago we adopted out two daughters, Alina and Polina (both now 5-years old), from Sakhalin Island, Russia.

While we were still Russia finalizing Alina and Polina’s adoption were told that the girls’ mother may be pregnant again.  I anticipated an e-mail would eventually come.   Alina and Polina have a 2-year old sister, Liza, in Sakhalin.  The boys’ adoption cost $25,000 and the girls’ was $50,000.  Liza's adoption will cost $50,000 as well when it is done later this year.